Estesol Orange Lotion

Translucent, 'citrus zest' lotion hand cleaner with natural coconut oil for regular use to remove general dirt and grime.

Based on coconut oil to produce a rich, creamy lather which quickly rinses off to leave no residues.
Ideal for use with soft and hard water.
Added Glycerine, a highly effective humectant, moisturises the skin to help prevent dryness.
Fresh, ‘citrus zest’ fragrance, suitable for men and women.
Trans-Epidermal Water Loss Test (TEWL) results show no negative impact on the barrier function of the skin during regular, daily use.
Extensive market testing for performance and acceptability.
Quickly lathers for fast and effective cleaning action.
Leaves the skin feeling smooth after use.
Mild on the skin and ideal for regular, everyday use.
Fully biodegradable formula.
Dermatologically tested using the industry recognised ‘48hr human patch testing for primary skin irritation’ method.
Usage Apply at the end of each work period, or more frequently if required, to remove light oil & grease soilings and general dirt and grime
Product Code Size Unit of Sale Dispensers
16DOP2000L 2L 4 x 2L 21LGT2LDPEN
16DOP4000L 4L 4 x 4L 21LGT4LDREN