Plastic Broom Heads

Brush Size - 12inch

11HANDLEWH Heavy Duty Handle
Product Code Colour Type Unit of Sale
11WLSORS Red Soft Single
11WLSTRS Red Stiff Single
11WLSOBS Blue Soft Single
11WLSTBS Blue Stiff Single
11WLSOGS Green Soft Single
11WLSTGS Green Stiff Single
11WLSOYS Yellow Soft Single
11WLSTYS Yellow Stiff Single

Complete Unit (Broom Head & Handle)

Product Code Colour Type Unit of Sale
11BROOM12SFRD Red Soft Single
11BROOM12STRD Red Stiff Single
11BROOM12SFBL Blue Soft Single
11BROOM12STBL Blue Stiff Single
11BROOM12SFGN Green Soft Single
11BROOM12STGN Green Stiff Single
11BROOM12SFYL Yellow Soft Single
11BROOM12STYL Yellow Stiff Single

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